Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bank of America Sucks More Than my Shop Vac

I am so irritated with Bank of America (BOA), I just had to post in order to keep from exploding! Of course, everyone knows about their debit card fee attempt that they had to roll back due to the consumer backlash. Just last week home owners were dumping trash at their door gathered off their foreclosed properties that they refused to clean up. My current issue with them is over a VISA credit card they issued.

I've had a VISA Gold card issued by BOA for at least 20 years. For at least the last decade it has been set up to pay, in full, each month with a automatic draft on my checking account. A month or so ago, I changed my bank account number for the draft and, without telling me, they canceled the automatic draft. So, here I sit thinking everything is fine, when I get a letter stating that my account is blocked due to non payment. I immediately get on the phone and discover the problem is that they canceled my automatic payment. By-the-way, we are talking about a lousy $70 here on a card with a credit line of $7,500. To solve the problem, I do a bank transfer, on the spot, while still on the phone with them, plus, restart the automatic payments and am told everything is fine now. A few weeks later, I go to use the card and the charge is refused. I call BOA and find out that my card is still blocked, even though it now has a credit balance since I paid a little extra when I took care of this the first time. They said I needed to make another call to apply to have it unblocked!

Needless to say, I am done with BOA and closed the account! No doubt, they have put some kind of stain on my credit report for late payment on their stinking card. Since, at my age, I don't use credit anyway, I don't really care, but can see how something like this could cause a young person a lot of trouble, over something completely caused by this "Too big to Fail" monstrosity.