Friday, January 22, 2010

Update on Rio Grande Valley Gigs

One of the main reasons we come to the Rio Grande Valley every winter (this is our 10th year) is for the music and dancing. This year, we have really gotten busy! In addition to playing music at least two nights a week, we are teaching GED classes four days a week as volunteers at the Pharr Literacy Project. The teaching thing has made our schedule pretty intense but, it is very rewarding and we both have become quite involved with our students. Lloyd is teaching math and Peggy is teaching English. It is such a pleasure teaching adults who really want to be there.

Starting with about our second week here this winter, we starting playing gigs in the evening. Played the first one at the Cactus Club over at Victoria Palms and have been trying to play over there about once a week since. Most of those have been jams where we set up our sound system at had other musicians join us. Even have some audience members come up and sing some.

Two weeks ago we picked up a regular weekly gig at the Weslaco, TX Elks Lodge. We play there every Thursday night from 5-8 and, beginning Feb. 11, we will start teaching a free dance lesson at 5 just before we start our show. It will vary from week to week but, we will be teaching Two-Step, Jitterbug, Triple Two Step, East Coast Swing, and Waltz. Here is a photo from the other night at the Elks:

It is kind of funny but, we have really had to adjust to playing here in the Valley. This older crowd does not like loud. :( Back in Austin we can just blast it and, electric instruments are more fun to play when they are cranked up. Here we have this 800 watt sound system and only use about 5% of it. We have the mains barely cracked open and most of the house sound is just what spills over from the stage monitors and, trust me, if it was up to me those would be louder too.

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