Friday, December 25, 2009

Texas Rio Grande Valley

I've got to get back to posting this blog on a more regular basis. It seems that lately I have just been posting so much on facebook, there was nothing left to say. Anyway, here we are in the Rio Grande Valley for the winter. This is our 10th year to come down here and we have not grown tired of it yet - go figure. Nothing ever holds our attention that long! Here we are stopped for a few days on the way down:

We have actually been here for a month now, even though I am just now getting around to posting. We have been staying busy working at the homeless shelter in Harlingen during the day and playing music at night. Beginning January 4th we will be volunteer teachers 4 days per week at the Pharr Literacy Project. Lloyd will be teaching Math and Science GED classes and Peggy will be teaching English. The semester ends March 12th and we should be back to Austin right after that.

Here is a photo of one of our gigs from a few days ago: The other guitar picker is Shannon Phillips. The lady standing between us, whose name escapes me, was one of the dancers that came up to pose for a photo with us.

I just thought of something else I wanted to post about here but, I will wait until tomorrow. By-the-way, I hope everyone is following Jessica Watson's blog. She is the 16 year old Australian girl who is doing a solo circumnavigation by sail boat. Click here for the site.