Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Would all you sick people, please die?

It sounds pretty harsh when you just say it but, apparently, many secretly feel that way. I can't quit thinking about an address to a group of people given by Senator Franken. One man in the audience commented to the Senator that, "If we let all these uninsured into the system, there will not be enough doctors to go around." No doubt, this selfish S.O.B. would prefer they just die! His attitude is, I've got mine and I don't want you sick people causing any problems. By-the-way, I could tell from looking at him that he was on Medicare and already getting government health care.

I've heard the arguments against "socialized" medicine. Let me tell you, I and many other ex-military members, are on the only true socialistic medical program in the U.S., the Veteran's Health Care system and, it works quite well. Many privately insured people would love to have the level of care we receive through the VA at virtually no cost, and it is truly a socialistic system. The facilities are government owned and all the doctors and nurses are paid by the government. On top of that, they offer us great care in friendly, modern facilities, with a level of efficiency that will never be matched by any private system. One of the smartest moves I ever made was serving a few years in the military although, I admit, I didn't know it was smart at the time.

Is Medicare socialized medicine? Only to a point - it is paid for with tax dollars but, uses private sector providers so, lets just say it is half socialistic. Even so, I don't think you are going find many seniors ready to give it up.

How about the so-called "Government Option" talked about in the current health reform bills. That is not socialized medicine in any way, shape, or form. It is a self funded insurance option that is forced to pay for itself in the same way as the USPS is forced to pay it's own way through revenues it generates.

Look, no other country on earth treats it's poor or uninsured the way this country does and, make no mistake, all the uninsured are not even close to poor. Many, many, working families can not afford the $1,400 per month it takes to buy private insurance if their employer does not provide it. It is a crime against humanity that these people are being forced to die or go bankrupt if they get sick or injured. And, just don't give me any of that crap about how anyone can get health care at the emergency room. Sure, by law, they have to treat the immediate emergency, then they will shuffle them out the door with instructions to go see their doctor, which they can not afford to do. Then the emergency hospital will come after them so aggressively for collection that they have to file bankrupcy. So, you say, why don't they just get on some government program for the poor? That is fine, if they truly are poverty stricken and have nothing. Does not work for most working poor who might have a fairly good job, a little savings, or maybe a little equity in a home. These people have to lose everything they own before they would qualify for assistance.

It is time for everyone to wake up and admit we have a serious problem. People need to quit worrying so much about what it might cost them, or whether they might be inconvenienced, and look at this as a national crisis that we have to solve.

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Peacemon said...

Lets just combine orphanages and retirement homes.
The young could help the old w/physical tasks and the old could help the young w/ learning/mental/spiritual tasks.
What a concept, right?
Ron came up with this. Who would have thunk???