Saturday, October 24, 2009

One more monkey off my back

Last Tuesday I arose with a long list of items on my list that I hoped to accomplish. Walked up to my shop and was sitting there checking email when Peggy walks in with the bad news, the washing machine had stopped working. So I now had a new, more urgent, thing on my list and all the items I really wanted to do got moved down in priority.

This is a Splendide washer/dryer combo like you would find in a motor home. As with most things packed full of electronics today, you just can not diagnose the problem unless you have a repair manual that gives you the expected voltages and resistances at various points on the circuit boards. A search of the manufacturers web site reveals nothing more than a list of service technicians. So, I spent an hour searching the internet and, in some forum, finally came across this repairman training manual that did the trick.

Turned out to be a DC Motor Control Module that cost about $240 with shipping. Expensive, but better than the $1,200 it would take to replace the machine. The part arrived Friday and everything is working fine again.

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