Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lake Travis water level causing problems

In case you have not heard, Lake Travis is getting very low and this is causing headaches for some dock owners. In fact, the lake is now about 50 feet below it's normal pool elevation and only lacks about 17 feet reaching it's all time low set back in 1952. It is losing about 1.5 feet per week and today is our 60th day this summer of triple digit temperatures.

In spite of the problems we had a great time about a week ago helping our friends, Bill and Jean Dunham, lower their dock which had reached the bottom of their stairs. Our job was to disengage the ramp from the stairs and allow the dock to float free so it could continue on down with the lake. Fortunately, they still have deep water under the dock.

Here is the crew, left to right: Bill (the rock climber and rope man), Jean (supervisor), Peggy (official worrier), Cliff (the only one with a clue), and taking the picture is Lloyd (the winch man). Oh, my job does not refer to anything shown in this photo, in case you were wondering.


This shows us getting ready to lower. You can see the ramp connecting the dock to the stairs is now very close to the end.


This next photo shows the ramp in the water. It was pretty exciting since the cable broke and it dropped the last 6 or 7 feet and landed with a big splash, but no damage. You can see the end of the broken cable hanging down from the stairs.


And here is the solution for getting down to dock until the lake drops to the point that the ladder will no longer reach. Come on tropical storm!!


All in all, it was a pretty easy job and everyone left with all the fingers and toes they arrived with. Plus, it was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning!

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Peacemon said...

That does look like an interesting and fun way to spend some time.
Sill wish we'd documented the windshield repair job.