Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dallas Nightclub reopens

Well, Peggy and I have a whole new attitude this morning. This has been one long, hot, dry summer here in Austin and, after a while, 105 degrees for two months straight just starts to PISS you off! Last night, not only did it rain (2/10 but we will take it) but, our favorite hang out for the last 28 years, The Dallas Nightclub reopened after being closed for over a year.

Last night was really a lot of fun and all the TV stations were there and we saw many of our old friends. Here is a link to the KVUE Channel 24 story. Watch and you will probably see someone you recognize, wink.

The new owners should be pleased with their opening. When we left, the place was already packed and people were just pouring in, on a Wednesday night. If you have never been to Dallas, and we know people in Austin who have not, you just owe it to yourself to go. Peggy and I dance in nightclubs all over the US and can say, without hesitation, that nondescript building up on Burnet Road known as The Dallas Nightclub is the best in the country. It may not be the biggest, and may not have the greatest floor, but you will see the best dancers ANYWHERE right there at Dallas and that floor flows like a whitewater river. Trust me, the tourists go clog up the floor at the Broken Spoke - the dancers go to Dallas. Hope to see you there!

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Peacemon said...

That was a nice peice channel 24 did and you folks looked and sounded great. ...Hope to see you playing there one night.