Thursday, July 16, 2009

Following up on the fasting thing

We made a blog post on about four and a half months ago about the benefits of periodic fasting with regard to life extension: Here is a link. It has now been about six months since we started this routine of fasting two days each week and we just wanted to do a quick follow up in case anyone was wondering if we stuck to it.

It has been surprisingly easy to keep it going and we have not missed a single day since we started. Lloyd has lost a couple of pounds although, the intent of this was not to lose weight. We still do the fast each Monday and Thursday and have no plans to stop. One thing we have noticed is that it helps to stay busy on the fasting day because you don't think about being hungry if you are continuously occupied. Feeling hungry has really not been that big a deal anyway.

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Fasting and Weight Loss said...

I really don't understand why anyone would disagree with that. I think that sounds like it is something to look more closely at. I feel sometimes alot of people can be pretty narrow minded when it comes that. Well thats all for now, look forward to more post and information.. Talk to you guys later. "As in life, Chill for best results"