Monday, June 22, 2009

Remembering Neda Soltan

 If you have not done so already, you might consider viewing the video of Neda's murder by the Iranian government. We are not leaving a link here but, you can easily find it online if you are interested. It is very graphic and you should only watch it if you really want to understand what the protesters in Iran are going through. Seeing it is very hard but gives some hope that this senseless act will be the undoing of this repressive regime.

We have been watching events unfold in Iran with great interest over the last week or so. Normally I would expect to refer such events as "student protests" but, in this case, it has come to involve all aspects of Iranian society. These protesters deserve the world's help in the only practical way it can be offered, moral support. And, that is why we are blogging about this today.

How an educated society such as Iran ended up with their theocratic mess of a government is something we have trouble understanding but, we think they now regret their mistake. Since the protest began, we have been messmorized by the ham fisted way in which the Iranian government has handled the problem.

Today President Sarkozy stated that the Burka had no place in France. He is absolutely right, this symbol of oppression of women has no righful place in any country.

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