Friday, December 19, 2008

Ibanez acoustic/electric - hours and hours of fun!

I mentioned, a few weeks ago, that I had this new acoustic guitar that I wanted to talk about so, here goes. How about a photo to start off with?

It was about a three month search for this guitar. I have spent many many hours playing dozens of guitars at Guitar Center stores in Austin and Dallas looking for just the right combination of sound and playability. As you can see in the background of this photo, I like electrics. That is a Fender Stratocaster, a Peavey Raptor, and a Fender Precision Bass sitting next to a Peavey 212 XXL and Fender G-DEC 30.  I wanted the acoustic so I could have something to play quietly while watching TV at night. If you pay attention to TV commercials you are going to hear some great music. Unfortunately, I can hear some great riff or some awesome rhythm and, by the next day, it has evaporated from my head. Now, when I hear something, I can just sit and play it over and over and over until Peggy begs for mercy, but I remember it.

IMHO, there has never been an accoustic instrument that can not be improved with the right electronics. This one is no exception. There is a pickup under the bridge going through a battery powered pre-amp with three band equalizer, tuner, phase change switch, and notch frequency adjustment. The later two items used for eliminating feedback so, you can play it LOUD!! Run this through that big Peavey amp you see there in the background and you can blow out your windows.

One last thing I wanted to mention, because I just found it interesting. This guitar was one of the display models they leave out for everyone to play in the Guitar Center stores so, naturally, it showed a little wear from handling with a few light scratches. I sat and played it for about and hour and a half and just fell in love with it. So I told the sales person my search was over and I wanted to buy it and he said, "Hold on and I will get you a new one out of the back." So, he brings out the new one in a box which looks identical, except in absolutely perfect condition. So I tune it up and get ready to try it out. From the first note, I could not believe the difference in sound coming from this seemingly, identical guitar. I swear, it sounded like a cheap, $100 guitar and those dead notes could not hold a candle to those beautiful, mellow tones coming from that display model. Naturally, I said I wanted the one on display and they said, "no problem" and threw in an extra set of strings and I have been one happy guitar picker ever since.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Guitar Lloyd. Can't wait to hear it. Maybe the next stretch of warm days I'll bring Lucy up since you've fixed the driveway. ...course' there needs to be motorcycle parking too!