Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin for VP? LOL

Well, here we go again - we swore we were going to lay off the politics for awhile, even though it does happen to be topic numero uno around here. But, that pledge was before this latest comedy, courtesy of the GOP. Anyone who reads this column needs to understand exactly what this means and how to interpret the McCain campaign spin.

According to the spin doctors the selection of Ms. Palin, who prior to becoming Alaska's Governor in 2006 was a part time mayor of a city of 8,500, is a bold move designed to shake up the status quo and give the electorate a candidate eminently qualified to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Given McCain's age and health history, voters should consider that carefully.

If you believe the spin, McCain passed over Mitt Romney, who did very well in the primary, Tim Pawlenty, governor of Minnesota, a state they badly need to win, Tom Ridge, former governor of Pennsylvania, Sen. Joe Liebermann, and many other highly qualified candidates to pick Palin who's only two qualifications are she is a woman and she is pro-life. And when you consider all the other highly qualified women in the GOP, all you are left with is pro-life. And furthermore, women do not vote for someone simply because of gender and should be a little offended by the suggestion.

So, why did McCain really pass over all these exceptional VP candidates? In short, he didn't, they passed on him. Every last one said, "NO." Palin was all he could get in the face of a certain loss to Barack Obama. At first we actually felt a little sorry for Palin since she is in way over her head but, upon reflection, she probably sees it simply as a spring board to the national stage and, possibly, a ticket to the Senate.

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