Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Austin institution is back - "Kind of"

As many Austinites know, the Dallas Nightclub closed last Spring and left many of us who frequented the place over the last 26 years feeling like we lost one of our best friends. Honestly, Dallas was just the absolute best place in Austin to dance and meet your friends. It's absence over the Summer has been a huge let down to all it's fans. I don't want to over dramatize but, you get used to a great place like that when you go for a quarter century and you really miss seeing all the regulars. Also, Peggy and I have danced all over the country and I can say, without a doubt, we have never found another place with as many great dancers as you find at Dallas. I'm not counting yours truly in that group as we barely hold our own with those Dallas dancers!

Anyway, the good news is that Dallas opened up last night for one night and only for three hours, but it was a barrel fun and so great to see all the familiar faces. The impression I get is that they plan to do this periodically for an indefinite period. If you want to be notified, go to their web site and leave your email address.

I have heard so many differing stories as to why they are doing this odd schedule that I will not even try to explain. Who knows what the true story is? I just wish they could get back on their regular nightly schedule and start on their next 26 year run.

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