Sunday, July 06, 2008

Which fourth do you belong to?

If you look at any large group of people, disregarding education, ethnicity, or gender there is a certain percentage of that group that will not think for themselves but will mindlessly follow the leader of the group. This is not referring to the ones that will pretend to follow because it is in their interest to do so but, the true believers. There are countless examples to illustrate this behavior but, all you have to do is watch a season of "Survivor" to see exactly what I mean.

What is that percentage of the population that will pretty much buy into anything their leader tells them is right no matter how wrong? I am not asking about the ones who can occasionally be fooled and eventually figure it out for themselves but, the ones who will follow the leader wherever he leads; the ones who will remain silent as he takes a country to war under false pretenses, who never say a word as thousands of their sons and daughters are killed and hundreds of thousands civilians die for nothing, who sit idly by and watch their own constitutional freedoms erode, who never blink an eye as they and their fellow citizens are wiretapped and spied upon without warrant, who defend their leader's right to use torture, who will stand by and sacrifice any personal freedom while their leader builds a police state, who truly believes the rhetoric of fear and intimidation, who support their leader's callus disregard for the the sick, uninsured, and elderly who can not afford health care, who cheer him on as the wealth of the nation is squandered on his needless campaign, who say nothing as the borrowing to finance his war leads the dollar to new lows and feeds inflation that robs them of their personal financial well being.

Still that question, "What is the percentage that will go along with anything?" I would suggest that the Bush approval rating (23% to 28%) gives you a pretty good idea. If you look at all Presidents throughout history you find an all time low of 22% for Nixon so, it is safe to say we have just about reached the bottom - let's just call it one fourth. In other words, one fourth of the population is so thick headed they can not be reached and the rest of us should just let it go. It is a hard thing to do but, it is better than beating your head against a brick wall. And, although you can not reach that particular one fourth, we all have an obligation to speak out and tell it like it is!

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