Thursday, July 10, 2008

New family member

Yesterday, we got a new addition to the Morris family. Not the kid, we have had her for over 5 years, but the cat. Ever since our 13 year old cat died a few years ago, we have proclaimed that we would have no more pets because they are just so confining. However, here we are with a new one year old cat. I guess we just can't help ourselves - we like them and they are worth the trouble.

We have not named this cat yet and would appreciate any suggestions. Officially, this is Allyssa's cat when she visits the "farm," as she calls it. However, the only crop we grow on this land here on the north side of Lake Travis is rocks. Anyway, this is her farm cat. As for the name - Grandma, myself, and Allyssa have been thinking up names for the last day and half. Right now, Fredda, seems to be at the top of the list. By-the-way, it is a female cat, in case anyone out there has a suggestion. I kind of like Lucille but, Allyssa is not crazy about it.

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