Monday, June 02, 2008

Obama Makes it Official

Back on Feb. 13th, after Super Tuesday, we posted that the Democratic nomination was essentially settled. The prediction turned out to be correct but, who would have thought it would have taken to early June to be confirmed? Will this be the last we hear from the Hillary and Bill show? We can only hope.

Some say sexism was involved in Hillary's defeat - I wonder? It probably had more to do with CFS (Clinton Fatigue Syndrome) - misrepresentation, distortion, outright lying, and a continuation of the same old tactics that the country has grown sick of? How would Obama have fared if he had tried to change the rules on Michigan and Florida simply for the benefit of his campaign? What if Obama had decided to shed a few tears to garner sympathy? What if Obama had tried to show he was tested under fire by lying about sniper fire in Bosnia? How far would he have gotten with the "Oh, I was sleep deprived" argument? No doubt, being a woman is hard but, being black is harder.

Now comes the crucial VP decision and, hopefully, we will not have the so called "dream ticket" which in reality is the "nightmare ticket." It should be still fresh on Obama's mind that the Clintons compared his candidacy to Jesse Jackson; called it a fairy tale, could not quite remember clearly that he WAS NOT a Muslim, has repeatedly distorted the election numbers, and tried desperately to bring in Michigan and Florida after it became apparent that it suited their purposes. I doubt that he wants a Presidency tainted by the stench of the Clintons and all their flagrant self dealing. Nor does he want to go through a campaign answering questions about the Clinton scandals - travel gate, Rose Law Firm documents, Tyson Chicken, cattle futures, Whitewater, White House pardons, "donors" to Clinton Library, and a hundred other things I can't think of off the top of my head.

Who should he pick for VP? I really don't know - there are hundreds better than Clinton. I personally like Biden, Edwards, Richardson. At this point, I would say anyone but Clinton.

Peggy and I are volunteers for the Obama campaign. Not sure what we are going to be doing at this point - maybe just blogging but, we have offered to travel to work in battle ground states, if needed. I guess we will see - stay tuned.

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