Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It is time - End aging now

One of our very favorite organizations and one of the most interesting web sites you will find on the internet is that of the Methusela Foundation. Here, you can find all the information you can absorb, and then some, regarding the emerging science of life extention. Check it out and, if you feel so moved, give them your support. You can make a tax deductible contribution or support the research in many other ways, as you will find out on the web site.

There is a very interesting article in COSMOS magazine on this very subject and it begins as follows: "Developments in a number of scientific disciplines suggest that we may soon be able to increase life expectancies from the 70- to 80-year range already seen in the richest countries to well over 100 and, perhaps, to over 1,000. We shall, in one sense, have made ourselves immortal.

We shall not be immortal in the sense that we cannot die; plainly we could still be killed in a car accident or by a cosmic event such as an asteroid striking the Earth. But we could not be killed by disease or age, our bodies would be immune to infection, dysfunction or the ravages of time. We would be medically immortal.

Some say this will happen quickly within, perhaps, 30 years with the first clear signs that we are on the right track appearing within the next decade. Others think we are at least a century or two away from attaining medical immortality. Some consider it completely unattainable. But the majority of scientists and thinkers in this area now consider life extension and even medical immortality possible and likely." To continue reading in COSMOS click here

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