Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eliminate most Adobe Flash problems

I know many people have been experiencing problems with Flash crashing and taking down Internet Explorer with it. You are sitting there with 12 tabs open and up pops the message, "IE has experienced a problem and needs to close" and you just want to sling you computer across the room. If you look a little further, you will find that the original culprit was Flash.

Today, I came across this nifty little free program called Toggle Flash that allows you to easily turn Flash on and off with a simple tool bar button. Now, you can just leave it turned off until you absolutely need it to view some Flash content on a particular page. A side benefit is that you will not see the ads created in Flash.

This little program really works great! It doesn't use up any system resources and just sits there silently on your tool bar until you need it. All it does is enable and disable Flash. If you like it, I am sure a Paypal donation to the creator would be appreciated.

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