Saturday, January 12, 2008

Obama for President

I don't know about you but, around here it is all politics - all the time. We simply can not get enough of it. After nearly 16 years of Clinton/Bush we are finally able to get excited about an election that holds the promise of so much positive change. As all our Facebook friends already know we are supporting Barack Obama for President.

We think there is little doubt that the next President will come from the Democratic Party and will be either Obama or Clinton. Obviously most Republicans feel the same way as evidenced by the sorry lot they have fielded to counter the Democrats. The only real question now is, "Will it be Obama or Clinton?"

As for Clinton, I really don't think she would be a bad President, however, I am just sick of hearing about the Clintons and have no interest in rehashing White Water, Rose Law Firm documents, Tyson Chicken, cattle futures, etc., etc. It is time for that chapter in history to be closed and for us to move on to something positive. That positive being the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama.

I know many of our friends are going to email us and say they were surprised to learn we are Democrats. We are NOT Democrats, we are Independents and always have been. We support Obama because he tops all the other candidates by a mile. In all honesty, we think Washington works best when the Legislative and Executive branches are split between the parties. That is not an option this year because the pendulum has swung so far right, and the Republicans screwed it up so badly, it now has to make it's inevitable swing too far left. This needs to happen to bring things back into balance.

Barack Obama will be a voice of reason and of change, both of which are desperately needed. We will probably see a couple of Supreme Court appointments during the next eight years, which is also needed to restore balance. Science will again occupy it's proper place without influence for political or religious purposes. We will probably also have an Executive Branch that abides by the Constitution and forgoes the many ways Bush has contrived to subvert it. I guess I could go on and on but, if you are interested, I suggest you check it out for yourself.

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