Monday, December 31, 2007

Peggy's Garden

I think, a few months ago, I posted a photo of Peggy's elephant ears from the planet Gigantus. Just in case I am losing my mind, here they are again:

By-the-way, her Okra was over 12 feet tall this year but, that is another story. These ears were the talk of Pecan Grove and, I think, are the result of the fertile soil here along the Colorado River. Keep in mind this soil has probably never been farmed and was laid down as a result of millions of years worth of floods prior to the building of the flood control lakes along the river. She doesn't even fertilize anything here. I thought the bulbs that came from these elephant ears were pretty interesting. We dug these up just a couple of weeks ago and must have gotten 30 bulbs from under these elephant ears.

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