Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Lucky Cap - One Year Later

If you have been reading this blog for long, you probably remember the controversy from a year ago when Peggy tried to wash my lucky jogging cap. If you don't remember, here is a link to the previous story from October, 2006: Lucky Cap - Or NOT?

---------------This is the photo of the lucky cap from Oct. 2006-----------------
I am very happy to report that the cap managed to escape washing and has therefore, been able to protect me from any injuries during my daily run. As you can see below, it is now pretty full of salt. It can be quite uncomfortable to be caught out in the rain wearing this cap due to the salt ladden water pouring down into your eyes. Although, I am happy to report that a couple of good rain showers is the closest this cap has ever come to being washed.

------------This is the photo of the same cap taken today, Nov. 27, 2007-----------
I feel fairly certain I can get a few more years of use out of this cap. My major worry is that the fabric is now so stiff that it doesn't stay on your head very well. Since I do my running around the lake, I am always worried that it will blow off while crossing one of the bridges and be lost in the water. I will post another photo in a year.

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coldsneak said...

My buddy in dallas said he has several caps that look like your most recent pic. he does construction work though. enjoy the day..