Saturday, September 08, 2007

Singularity Summit 2007 - Day One

Today, we are in San Francisco for the Singularity Summit on Artificial Intelligence and, at the moment, are sitting in the auditorium listening to one of the speakers talk about open source development software that will allow any of us to write customized algorithms to test in Advanced General Intelligence systems.

More on that later but, first a little about getting here. On the way out we spent one day in Las Vegas then went to Bishop, California on Thursday. After the hot and humid weather we have been having in Austin, it was refreshing to wake up to 38 degrees on Friday morning. Friday we left Bishop and headed for San Francisco by way of Yosemite National Park.

The Singularity Summit 2007 is a complete sell out this year and is hosting about 1,000 people who are interested in the field. Here is a phone camera photo from inside the conference room.

I have been pleasantly surprised at the speed of the Internet connection here in the conference room. They told us at the beginning that there was only one pipe in the room and, sitting here, I can see several hundred other bloggers and surfers in the audience right this minute. Must be a pretty fat pipe because it is quite speedy. :-)

More to follow tomorrow.

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