Thursday, September 20, 2007

Garmin StreetPilot c330 - Don't leave home without it!

I bought this little Garmin GPS on eBay a couple months ago and have, just now, had the chance to check it out on a long trip. It is safe to say, I am hooked! After three weeks of traveling from Austin to San Francisco, and many stops between, I can honestly say I will never again use a paper map to find my way.

How many times have you been in a strange city at night and wanted to go out to a certain restaurant or bar? You know what a hassle it is to try and read a map while struggling to see in the dark, watching for traffic, while not even knowing which way is North. Tell this little Garmin to take you to the nearest Jack in Box and your problem is solved! It will give you turn by turn directions, then tell you how to get back to your motel as well as the time you will get there.

The high points:

1. Nice display, not huge but, large enough to see clearly

2. Speaker is loud and clear enough to easily understand voice directions

3. Extensive database includes almost anything you could ask to find - hotels, food, entertainment, attractions, rest stops, etc, etc.

4. Satellite locks happen quickly, usually within 30 seconds.

5. Price: about $150

Low points:

1. Slow processor but, see number 5 above. Seldomly a problem but, if satelite lock is lost for any reason, can take 15 seconds or so to recalculate the route. It is possible you might miss a turn during that time.

2. This is not really a criticism of this particular unit but, with any GPS you are likely to occasionally lose the satelite lock if in a downtown canyon with tall building on both sides of the street.

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