Sunday, July 01, 2007

After the Flood

A couple days ago the bottom fell out over the Texas Hill Country. One gauge at Marble Falls recorded 19.5 inches over night. Lake Travis now stands at about 700 MSL which is 19 feet over what is considered full. Just a few weeks ago it was 45 feet low. Four flood gates are open on Mansfield Dam and the photo below is the result of all that water coming through Austin and Town Lake.

We took this photo this morning during our walk on the Town Lake trail. Keep in mind, this is the dammed up portion of the Colorado River which forms Town Lake in downtown Austin. Normally you would not even be able to see the current moving. In fact, right out there in those rapids is where you are likely to see the UT rowing teams practicing in their long, slender rowing sculls.

Here is a link to a whole gallery of photos of the flood, including the open flood gates at Mansfield Dam.