Thursday, May 31, 2007

Where's my data?

I think you will like this short video. If you have ever wondered what, exactly, was making that clicking noise when your computer was reading it's hard drive, now you will know.

Keep in mind, while you watch this, that the disk is probably rotating about 120 revolutions every second. It really is kind of amazing that the read head can locate and read data at such speed. Equally amazing that these drives are now manufacured at such low cost. Half a terabyte now around $150.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I had a Brain Storm

I know, some of you think that storm may have been a category 5 tornado. Fortunately, I suffered no dane brammage what-so-ever! I did come across this very interesting video during my daily reading today and I think you will enjoy it too. It explains what is going on at the molecular level when we use our brains.

The plan was for this post to be a follow up on the full clinical trail on TA-65. However, the complete trial, which was supposed to be posted April 30th, was something less than I was expecting. An expanded study was posted on the TA Sciences web site but, it is conspicuously missing the Appendices which are essential for a full understanding. So far, no explanation for the omission. I will keep you posted.