Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ponce de Leon was a little too early

First, appologies for taking so long to get this post up but, I have been thinking about how to say this. I want to tell our readers about something that you definitely need to know about but, that being said, you should take what I am about to tell you with a healthy degree of skepticism, just as I do.

As many of you know, I have been interested in, and studying, molecular biology for nearly 10 years now. There are many companies around the world working on finding a way to slow, or reverse, aging. Some are more open about their goals than others but, regardless of their public position, from a profit prospective, aging reversal is the holy grail.

It has been my opinion for the last 4-5 years that the one company with the most potential to solve the problem was Geron. Although Geron is involved in many areas regarding the diseases associated with aging, the diseases of aging and aging itself are almost one and the same. There is not room here for me to get into exactly why I think Geron's approach to anti-aging is superior to anyone else's but, you can read all about the science on their web site or many other places.

Here is the real point of this post and the thing I want our readers to know about: Geron recently licensed a company called TA Sciences which, within the last month, has opened an office in New York. The purpose of TA Sciences is to market an anti-aging therapy developed over the last several years by Geron.

Why did Geron choose to market the product through TA Sciences instead of their own name? I think there are at least two reasons. One, companies that openly profess to be engaged in the emerging field of anti-aging research are often not taken seriously by the investment or the scientific communities. This method keeps the product at arms length for them. Secondly, it gives liability protection in the event that this turns out to be an absolute disaster and, that could happen, which is why I warned you to be skeptical of this, for now.

Now, most importantly, why do I think TA Sciences in not just another snake oil sales company? It very well could be but, the association with Geron, the MOA stem cell companies, gives it a certain credibility, in my mind, plus, they are taking the approach to the problem that I have always considered to be the most promising. On the 30th of this month, the full results of the human trials of the product are supposed to be published on the web site of TA Sciences. I am really looking forward to seeing that!

I know the emails are coming that will ask if we are going to take this treatment ourselves. We are still in our 50's, barely, but in good health. I think we can afford to wait a year or so and get more data. If I was 70 you can bet I would be thinking very seriously about giving it a go. If I was 80, I would already be on my way to New York simply based upon what I know about Geron and the science behind it.

This could very well be the first of many real anti-aging therapies that will come along over the next several years. In a later post I plan to discuss some of the socio-economic implications we are all going to face over the next few decades as a result of radical life extension. There will, no doubt, be huge issues but, we are just going to have to deal with them as a society because, this is coming sooner than most realize. This treatment from Geron and TA Sciences may not be the perfect solution but, there will be others right behind them.

If you are interested in following the research, I think you should start reading and learn the science inside and out. Understand that there could be serious risks at this stage. Here are some additional links that you might want to follow up on if you want to learn more:

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