Sunday, March 18, 2007

Million Musician March for Peace

Yesterday, Peggy and I and two of our friends from here at Pecan Grove walked over to the Capitol to participate in the Million Musician March for Peace. This was a nationwide event to mark the 4th anniversary of the President's illegal war in Iraq.

This first photo shows the marchers forming up in front of the State Capitol, where the 45 minute march to City Hall began. I suppose there were a few thousand marchers in the Austin event.

The march was noisy and the crowd was very vocal but, completely non-violent in every way. This group was united in a common message to bring our military forces home, now! I have to say it was quite a moving experience to be among this large group of free thinkers who see right through the haze of fear and intimidation this administration has constructed. Bushy's message of "support the troops", "better to fight in Iraq than here", is falling on more and more deaf ears today. However, enough bought into his BS in 2004 to get the him re-elected.

There were a number of floats that said volumes in their messages, including one by residents of Crawford, Texas. Camp Casey was represented although Cindy Sheehan was not present and, I assume was at the Washington DC march.

Arriving at City Hall we were greeted by an amazing concert featuring Carolyn Wonderland and Guy Foresyth. Notable speakers included Liz Carpenter and US Representative Lloyd Doggett.

This photo to the right is 86 year old Liz Carpenter speaking from her wheel chair. She gave a very entertaining and enlightening talk. The key point I took away in her words was, "If you can write about this, then get after it!" So that is what I am doing today.

Lloyd Doggett, who has always been our friend and a cut above the mealy mouthed, poll watching, double talking Washington bunch, gave a great talk where he minced no words. He pointed out how this President had dragged this country into war with a country which was no threat to us, had lied and manipulated intelligence, cost 3200 American lives, found no weapons of mass destruction, declared "Mission Accomplished", sent an under-manned and under-equiped force, ignored all advice of the Iraq Study Report, is spending 10 billion per month on this foolish endeavor, and wants to be called "The Decider". Well, it is time for Congress to start doing "The Deciding" and bringing our troops home with the only means at their disposal, cutting funding!

The photo on the left is of Rep. Doggett at the podium.

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