Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Guitar Town Austin

Today, I mainly wanted to let everyone know about a something very cool going on in Austin, as well as, remind you of the blog belonging to some of our friends here in Austin. First, Guitar Town Austin which is sponsored by Gibson Guitars. Ten foot tall, artistically decorated Gibson Guitars are displayed all over Austin. These will later be auctioned off to benefit four Austin charities. Check out the web site and see all the designs - some are amazing. Here are a couple we snapped with the phone cam down on the hike and bike trail:

In a previous post, I pointed you to the blog of our friends from the UK, Jo and Alan Hunter who have some really great photos which Jo updates regularly. There are some new photos posted today, as well as some observations they have made of the differences in life between the US and the UK. They are interesting to read and, if you go back in the archives a little way, see what they had to go through trying to set up housekeeping here with no Social Security Number! Life is tough until you get that SSN!

On an unrelated subject, I wonder how many of the "Ditto Heads" have pulled their heads out of the sand now that the climate reports have made it official that global warming is real and caused by man? I know a few I need to ask.

Until next time -

Here's to you Molly, we already miss you.

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