Monday, January 29, 2007

Yo, Dawg!!

Bumped into this very cool dude out on the Town Lake Trail a couple of days ago. This photo is taken on the Lamar Street foot bridge over Town Lake. It is like he is saying, "I'm just way too cool to actually look into the camera."

This sign is on the door of the passport office in the 6th Street Post Office. Looks like Tony Soprano might have some competition with executions only running $30 here in Austin.

Is anyone else tired of the tangle of wires around your computer. Snaking across my desk are power cords for a computer, monitor, router, printer, plus a couple of ethernet cables and several usb cables. Until today, there were also cords to a mouse and keyboard. Of course, it is all hanging down in a huge tangle at the side of the desk.

I have been thinking about getting a wireless mouse and keyboard for a while and finally found one at Walmart yesterday, at a price I was willing to take a chance on; $16, which shows you how much of a gambler I am.

After using it for a day, I can honestly say, I am about ready to go back to the wire. Keyboard is a little difficult and misses a letter here and there. Plus, the mouse does not have enough resolution. Maybe if I paid $70 for one, it would work better. Anyone have any ideas on that? Also not all that happy with a mouse that contains two AA batteries. Makes it a little heavy and bulky.

Big cold front due in this weekend. Super Bowl party to go to on Sunday, then we are out of here for the Rio Grande Valley until it warms up a little.

By-the-way, anyone reading this in the Austin area might want to consider Carolyn Wonderland at the Saxon Pub on Thurday. It is pretty amazing to see her show in a room with only fifty other people. If you have never seen her, she reminds me of a mix of Joplin and SRV. If I am not mistaken, this is her last week at the Saxon. We have gone the last two Thursdays and will be there this Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

Lloyd, I have 2 Logitech wireless keyboard and mouses. I bought the last one on ebay # 260074025857, I needed the USB adapter 300072295392
Total cost for both was $27.71. I find the wireless mouse is much better than the wired one, faster and no pad needed. I bought this last one to replace an older one I had use for years and even spilled coffee in it once, it still works but for this price I couldn't resist. I use one of them on my laptop, I hate the laptop keyboard if I have a choice. I use rechargeable batteries in my mouse.
Keep on keeping on and telling us about it. Check out the website I do.'50.htm
Gary Imperial Beach CA