Friday, December 15, 2006

We are not Moving

I think, by now, every single person we know in Austin has called or emailed to tell us how sorry they are to hear we are having to move due to the closing of our RV park in downtown Austin. The thing that got all this started was a development plan for the land that now is the Shady Grove RV park which is a 37 lot RV park next door.

This does not effect Pecan Grove, where we live, at all. We have no illusions that we will be able to stay here forever but, for now, there are no plans to close Pecan Grove. In fact, the Shady Grove thing is far from being a done deal, from what we hear. The developer is asking for a variance to build to 75 feet, which will require council action, in the face of neighborhood opposition. Who knows how that will go.

Since we have primarily made our living in real estate, we understand the desire of owners to see their property develop. On the other hand, it is sad to see a uniquely Austin business, like a downtown RV park, replaced with high rise condos. Every time something like this happens, Austin loses a little of it's weirdness.

Just wanted to clarify what was going on. We should be here for many years to come and, if someday the RV park closes, we may get a condo or apartment downtown. We have gotten used to living down here and it would be hard to find anything we liked as much.

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