Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pickin' Party

Last Sunday afternoon a few of us here at Pecan Grove RV park got in our cars and drove about 30 miles West into the Texas Hill Country near Spicewood. Our destination was a very cool party at the home of Freddy Powers. There was a solid 8 hours of some of the best music you could ever hope to hear.

You may not instantly recognize the name Freddy Powers but, you know his music. He holds 5 BMI awards for #1 records which he has written for Merle Haggard and George Jones including, "Looking for a Place to Fall Apart," "Friend in California," "I Always get Lucky with You," "Let's Chase Each Other Round the Room Tonight." You may have also seen a PBS special about him just a couple of weeks ago.

Neither Willy nor Merle showed up while we were there but, we did get to hear a soon to be released cd that Willy had dropped off before we got there. Also present was Hall of Famer, Sonny Throckmorton who has 18 number one hits to his credit. That is Sonny in the photo sitting right in front of the bass player (just to the right of the gray hat). Our friend Ron, that invited us to the party, is on the left playing the drums. Immediately to the right of Ron, playing the guitar, is Steve Carter.

We sure had a great time just standing around listening to music and visiting with everybody. Looking forward to the next one!

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Anonymous said...

A great description of a wonderful party. Glad we all attended. I felt much better haveing you folks in attendance also. Nice having neighbors inviting and sharing a fantastic time.
PS. You're the best new neighbors that I've met since being here. (and that's saying something).LOL
Jim & Loose Lucy