Thursday, December 07, 2006

In Case You Still had any Doubt

Normally when I write about our country's foolish endeavor in Iraq, it turns into a complete rant. I am not going to do that this time even though I am still infuriated at the needless loss of life and waste of this nation's treasure. It will not be a rant this time because the tiny group that still supports this unmitigated disaster is, at this point, unreachable and I can now accept that with a certain degree of calm.

The bipartisan Iraq Study Group report is now in and confirms what this writer and many, many others have been saying for years, and now should be clear to the entire world. Not since WW II has this country been in such a potentially disastrous position and you can thank President Bush for every life lost and dollar spent.

The Report clearly states there are no good options out of this situation. We will probably just pull out over the next year or so and leave behind even worse problems, along with, at present count, up to half a million dead Iraqi's.

What will happen to those that lied, manipulated intelligence data, invaded a sovereign nation, killed a half million people, killed 3,000 of our own boys and girls, injured 10's of thousands more, destroyed our standing in the world, and unnecessarily dragged us into the most expensive war in our nation's history? The short answer is, "Nothing," other than a little political heat.

If any other country had done this, we would be the loudest voice calling for the arrest and trial of the perpetrators as war criminals. I guess there are distinct advantages to being the biggest bully on the block.

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