Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pickin' Party

Last Sunday afternoon a few of us here at Pecan Grove RV park got in our cars and drove about 30 miles West into the Texas Hill Country near Spicewood. Our destination was a very cool party at the home of Freddy Powers. There was a solid 8 hours of some of the best music you could ever hope to hear.

You may not instantly recognize the name Freddy Powers but, you know his music. He holds 5 BMI awards for #1 records which he has written for Merle Haggard and George Jones including, "Looking for a Place to Fall Apart," "Friend in California," "I Always get Lucky with You," "Let's Chase Each Other Round the Room Tonight." You may have also seen a PBS special about him just a couple of weeks ago.

Neither Willy nor Merle showed up while we were there but, we did get to hear a soon to be released cd that Willy had dropped off before we got there. Also present was Hall of Famer, Sonny Throckmorton who has 18 number one hits to his credit. That is Sonny in the photo sitting right in front of the bass player (just to the right of the gray hat). Our friend Ron, that invited us to the party, is on the left playing the drums. Immediately to the right of Ron, playing the guitar, is Steve Carter.

We sure had a great time just standing around listening to music and visiting with everybody. Looking forward to the next one!

Monday, December 18, 2006

New RV

Lloyd has written of our sailing trip so well that I didn't really feel the need to add to it. For a city girl like me it was quite an adventure and one I will never forget. I will say I did much better than I thought I would. My sailing experiences had been limited to Lake Travis on days that the weather was perfect so I really did not know what to expect, although Lloyd did his best to explain what the experience would be like. I would do it again though, but not right now.... for now we are happy to be home and getting back to normal.

About 2 weeks before we left on the sailing “mission” (as Lloyd puts it) I found a heck of a deal on a 32 foot, 1999 Prowler 5th wheel with 3 slides. Being short on time, we had to really hustle to complete the purchase of the new-to-us trailer and sell the smaller one. Selling the old one was easy! We took pictures and posted it on Craig's List (that is where I found the new one). We sold it in 2 days to the second person who looked at it and got nearly what we paid for it 4 years ago. So we were happy! A friend helped us move the 5th wheel from it's location north of Georgetown because our truck wouldn't pull a trailer this large. We finished getting it set up in Pecan Grove RV Park 5 days before we left on our trip so we barely had our things moved back in before we left.

This one is in really good condition. It looks like it had been used only occasionally. We had to replace the refrigerator and the carpet to put it in tiptop condition. Oh and we did have to evict some wasps and dirt dobbers. The wasps were pissed off let me tell you!!!!

I am thrilled about all the extra space we now have. We have two huge slides in the living area, and one in the bedroom which gives us lots of room! We have tons of storage, so everthing has it's place. The kitchen has hardwood flooring that matches the cabinets.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to decorate it. Guess when our grandaughter, Noel, gets here she can help since interior design is her major. AND grandma can use all the help she can get.

Friday, December 15, 2006

We are not Moving

I think, by now, every single person we know in Austin has called or emailed to tell us how sorry they are to hear we are having to move due to the closing of our RV park in downtown Austin. The thing that got all this started was a development plan for the land that now is the Shady Grove RV park which is a 37 lot RV park next door.

This does not effect Pecan Grove, where we live, at all. We have no illusions that we will be able to stay here forever but, for now, there are no plans to close Pecan Grove. In fact, the Shady Grove thing is far from being a done deal, from what we hear. The developer is asking for a variance to build to 75 feet, which will require council action, in the face of neighborhood opposition. Who knows how that will go.

Since we have primarily made our living in real estate, we understand the desire of owners to see their property develop. On the other hand, it is sad to see a uniquely Austin business, like a downtown RV park, replaced with high rise condos. Every time something like this happens, Austin loses a little of it's weirdness.

Just wanted to clarify what was going on. We should be here for many years to come and, if someday the RV park closes, we may get a condo or apartment downtown. We have gotten used to living down here and it would be hard to find anything we liked as much.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

In Case You Still had any Doubt

Normally when I write about our country's foolish endeavor in Iraq, it turns into a complete rant. I am not going to do that this time even though I am still infuriated at the needless loss of life and waste of this nation's treasure. It will not be a rant this time because the tiny group that still supports this unmitigated disaster is, at this point, unreachable and I can now accept that with a certain degree of calm.

The bipartisan Iraq Study Group report is now in and confirms what this writer and many, many others have been saying for years, and now should be clear to the entire world. Not since WW II has this country been in such a potentially disastrous position and you can thank President Bush for every life lost and dollar spent.

The Report clearly states there are no good options out of this situation. We will probably just pull out over the next year or so and leave behind even worse problems, along with, at present count, up to half a million dead Iraqi's.

What will happen to those that lied, manipulated intelligence data, invaded a sovereign nation, killed a half million people, killed 3,000 of our own boys and girls, injured 10's of thousands more, destroyed our standing in the world, and unnecessarily dragged us into the most expensive war in our nation's history? The short answer is, "Nothing," other than a little political heat.

If any other country had done this, we would be the loudest voice calling for the arrest and trial of the perpetrators as war criminals. I guess there are distinct advantages to being the biggest bully on the block.