Friday, November 03, 2006

Nov. 3 - Still in Red Hook

We were supposed to be out of here today and in St. Croix by this afternoon. That is now put off until tomorrow. A few things cropped up.

First, a couple of days ago I managed to puncture my skin on my ankle with some coral. No big deal until yesterday afternoon. In a matter of about six hours it went from a 1/16 inch hole to a very ugly dark red to black area with a pretty big center which rotted out. This morning my foot was pretty swollen as well.

Tried to go to the VA clinic here on St. Thomas and after $65 in cab fare and getting the royal heave ho from the VA ("go to emergency room, I am too busy with my 2 patients," worthless bastards), I returned to Red Hook and walked across the street to a clinic and $200 and 15 minutes later was on my way to a cure. I am about to change my high opinion of the VA since this is now the second time this has happened in two years. Let me think about this for awhile and, if I get really pissed about it, this subject may turn into my next rant. I actually feel it coming on now by just typing that last sentence. Serenity Now!!

Trust me, MRSA is not fun and is terribly painfull. I can think of at least 5 women who know me pretty well that are going read this and say, "You big baby, it probably doesn't even hurt." Well, just Google MRSA and see what you say then. The doctor told me he is seeing 20 cases per week in his clinic.

I had to laugh during my visit to the doctor. He told me that if it formed a cyst while at sea, I would have to cut it open with a scapel, get the puss out, wash it, and pack the hole with a wick to keep the puss out of the wound. I mentioned to him that he was talking to someone who weak kneed at just the very thought of a flu shot.

Anyway, I am on an antibiotic that is supposed to work and am feeling better every hour. Bob, Gene, and Peggy are a lunch at the moment. I am just so happy to have an internet connection that I am skipping it. I think this is the fourth post I have made today.

Another reason for waiting was that Bob wanted to get a new dingy motor for Cruzan Gold and it is not being delivered here until 5:00 PM. So, we will do the St. Croix thing tomorrow. I know I will feel better tomorrow because I absolutely could not put weight on my left leg this morning, much less sail Serina, even with Gene's help.

That about all that is going on today. Spending a lazy afternoon here in the coffee shop surfing away.

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