Friday, November 03, 2006

Nov. 2 - Back in Red Hook

After we all had breakfast this morning, Bob hollered up from below, let's go to Red Hook. Gene and I took us out of the cove on St. John's and headed out for the hour and a half run to Red Hook over on St. Thomas. No doubt, this was a test to see if we really did know how to read a chart because Bob never came up from below until we were in the harbor. I bet he was looking out a port hole though and hoping we didn't run his boat up on a reef. ;-) He may think I didn't know it was a test, but I know the professor too well.

Back in Red Hook we sat about getting the boat ready for the return trip. Transferred a bunch more stuff off of Cruzan Gold onto Serina and bought more groceries. We picked up the newly repacked life raft and now have it stowed on deck. We also have the dingy stowed on deck and are pretty much ready to head out for St. Croix tomorrow.

Bob and Peggy plan to take Cruzan Gold and Gene and I plan to take Serina over to St. Croix, where we will leave Cruzan Gold and all get aboard Serina for the trip to Florida.

Peggy fixed us all a great Spaghetti dinner tonight and, at the moment, she and Bob are installing lee clothes on all the bunks. Hopefully, I will get to post this tomorrow along with the last three days when I had no internet connection. I think I saw one internet network the whole time we were in the BVI and couldn't connect to it.

We stopped at the Indians to do some snorkeling and saw this little kid (maybe 18 months) riding on his daddy's back with his mother swiming next to them. Notice the pacifier in his mouth. Just thought it was worth a photo.

By-the-way, I know my formatting is screwed up. I am writing in Open Office while off line and posting in Blogger when I get a connection. Doesn't trasfer just right and I never get a connection long enough to fix it.

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