Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nov. 14 - Tampa, Florida

Well, I am happy to report we have made a successful delivery from St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands to Tampa, Florida via St. Croix and Puerto Rico! At the moment, we are all pretty well worn out from the trip and glad to have it behind us. However, we all are very happy to have made the voyage.

Got tied up to the dock about 4:30 PM this afternoon. Since we did not have an internet connection at the marina, Peggy and I went to a nearby motel to get all the posts that have been waiting put on the web site.

The trip from Key West was a pretty quick 30 hours or so. We are going over to the marina in the morning to help Bob get things off the boat and do some cleaning, then we are off to the airport for a 3:15 PM flight to Austin.

The leg to Tampa was mostly windless so we motored most of the way. Here is the Skipper having his lunch today. Notice the glassy water in the background.

And, here is the Skipper sleeping off that lunch.

Sailing a modern, well equiped sail boat is difficult, but much easier than it was just a few decades ago. Sirena has roller furling main, staysail, and jib. All lines can be handled from the cockpit which means there is very little need to go forward while underway. It also allows for infinitely adjustable sail area, which is much easier than tying in a reef.

There are a couple of people that we all agreed needed to be thanked for making the trip much easier for us. First we want to thank Rudolf Diesel who kept us moving when the wind didn't. And we don't want to forget Mr. Garmin who gives us our position any time we want it to within + or - 30 feet.


Anonymous said...

I was getting worried about you guys. I checked daily, and lately several times a day and tried refreshing and that didn't even help. Great trip and fantastic coverage. Thanks
Pete's old buddy, Gary

Gayle said...

Wow you guys, just finished reading the saga!!! Sheesh I'm slow, I finally check in and you're already back on solid ground??? Welcome back and good job!

Lloyd, happy belated Bday and how's the foot? Yikers!! That looked a smidge more that ouch! (OMG is that hat karma???)

Peggy, how cool that you were awarded your own restaurant AND had an admiring baracuda ogling you!!! I think I might have wet myself....but not QUITE as much as at the thought of having to present myself to angry customs officials. Hope you slapped them all for the haha joke. ;)

hugs to you both and welcome ALMOST home!
Gayle =)

Anonymous said...

Lloyd and Peggy:
Welcome back! I started reading after the St Croix post and was eagerly awaiting the one from Puerto Rico. When it didn't come, I admit to getting a little concerned. It sounds like a wonderful trip and I'm eager to hear more. See you at Dallas.

Jo said...

Sounds like a fabulous voyage! Glad to hear you're all safe and well. I look forward to hearing more about it over a beer or three :-)