Friday, November 03, 2006

Nov. 1 - Wreck of the Rhone

I had hoped to post yesterday's blog today, but no internet connection has been available. Should have one tomorrow evening, since we will back in Red Hook on St. Thomas.

Had a very interesting day today tooling around the British Virgin Islands. Went first to The Baths, not to take one, but to dive. The Baths are a huge pile of granite boulders, some larger than most houses, piled up on the Western shore of Virgin Gorda. Very interesting to swim among and see the sea life.

Below is a photo of Serina moored at The Baths.

Afterwards, we headed to the 150 + year old wreck of the British steamship, Rhone. It was quite a sight to see this huge ship lying on the bottom in the exact spot where a hurricane drove it up on the rocks.

Now, we are back in an anchorage on St. John's in the USVI for the night. Tomorrow, back to Red Hook to start getting ready to leave for Florida. Hopefully, we will be on our way by Saturday.

On the way to our anchorage this afternoon we snacked on cookies and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Now peanut butter cups have always been one of my favorites and, as a school kid, it was not unusual for me to spend my lunch money on them instead of lunch. However, after a couple hours in the sun today, these were to the point where I would not even touch them. That didn't stop Bob though who opens one up and promptly runs liquid peanut butter cup all down the front of his shirt. Peggy offered him a wash cloth, but he declined and spent the next 10 minutes sucking chocolate out of a shirt that was none to pretty to begin with after three days of sailing. Now that is a guy that likes his Reese's!!!

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