Thursday, November 30, 2006

Catching Up

Obviously, we have been back in Austin for a while now and I have not posted anything to the blog. I almost blogged myself out on the three weeks we were away sailing. I have actually gotten a few emails to the effect, "What the hell is going on, we know you are home, post something!"

Sorry about that and here goes. We have been busy catching up on going out dancing. It is amazing how much you forget in three weeks. Also, I did not get to do any running on the trip and have been trying to get back in shape since we got home.

Thanksgiving was great! We had dinner with Betty Peterson and her family. Allen and Deborah brought Allysa down to Pecan Grove the next day and we all had a nice visit. Here is a photo of Deborah and Allysa on our patio. Just look at that long curly hair; have you ever seen anything so cute???!!!

Here is one of Allysa with the stuffed turtle we got her; at the moment, turtles are a big deal to her.

A couple of days ago we had a very nice happy hour here in our RV with our new friend and next door neighbor, Sandy.

Ted and Nancy Forcum stopped by Pecan Grove with their RV a couple of days ago while on their way to the Rio Grande Valley. We all went to the Dallas Night Club tonight. A very weird thing happened tonight at Dallas. This was only the second time in our lives we have gone there on a Wednesday night. We bumped into an old friend, Tim Mosely, who we have not seen in at least 10 years. Tim said this was his first trip to Dallas in about 8 years. It was quite a coincidence and great to see him.

I hope this gets me off the hook. More will be coming and, on a regular basis.

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