Saturday, November 18, 2006

Back in Austin

Well, we are home from the sailing trip. Actually got home day before yesterday, but have not had a chance to post anything. Been catching up on a lot of sleep but, to be honest, have gone out running a couple of times and even made it out dancing Friday night at the Dallas Nightclub so it has not been all rest.

Had a few more photos from the trip that I wanted to post. After we got into Tampa, Bob had the boat hauled out of the water and put in storage to sell. The photos of it coming out of the water were fairly interesting, to me at least. I hope you enjoy them.

Here is one of a visitor we had after we entered Tampa Bay. We actually had several of these offshore, but this is the first one we managed to get a photo of. It is very hard to get a shot because they come up so quickly and are so quickly gone. Notice there are two in this photo.

I can't believe we do not have a photo of all four of us together, so I am making do by posting two photos. One is missing Gene and one is missing me - can you guess who was taking the photo in each?

By-the-way, the lift you see picking up Sirena is controlled wirelessly from a hand held controller. It has a diesel generator supplying power to the motors and is rated for 55 tons. Sirena weighs 17 tons, so was no strain at all for the lift. This boat yard also had a 75 ton lift. After lifting the boat, it is driven wirelessly to the storage area where it sets the boat down.

Here is one of Sirena being set down in her new parking space. Notice the yellow thing in the guy's hand behind the boat. That is the wireless hand held controller with which he is driving the lift.

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Anonymous said...

You know the old buzzard saying "Patience my ass, I am going out and kill something".
You guys can't be resting up this long, what's up?
Pete's old buddy, Gary