Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Rainy Day One

As a person who tends to get short of breath when I lose my internet connection, I just had to show this photo of my new hero. This guy must be some kind of communications, road warrior, God! You can't really tell it from the photo but, most of these antennas are 1/2" rebar with guide wires and an antenna duct taped to the top. I don't really know what they were doing but, the SUV was just packed full of radio gear. Been reading the last few days that cell phone use can make you sterile; I suspect the EMF inside this vehicle would fry bacon.

Today, the first day of our journey, has not been a great day for me. Since I go all the time, for months on end, few are aware that I am not a good traveler. Although, I nearly always have a good time on our trips, I can not honestly say I have ever had as much fun as I do just hanging with our friends here in Austin. Peggy is the traveler and the entire burden falls upon her to, not only do all the packing and planning but, keep me calm as well. I don't know what it is exactly; it is not lack of experience, because we leave town all the time and have traveled internationally many, many times but, it just freaks me out to pass that Austin City Limits sign.

Made it about 50 miles this morning before the rain started. Now, here we are almost to New Orleans and the rain has not let up for a second. At times it rained so hard the interstate traffic slowed to 35 MPH. I think we will be to the kids house in Gulfport in a couple of hours. I just got off the phone with Art and he told me Robin (our Granddaughter) keeps asking if we are there yet. I may start asking that myself if the rain doesn't let up and let this traffic start moving.

We are going to spend tomorrow with the kids in Gulfport then fly out from there on Saturday for St. Thomas. We will partially provision the boat in St. Thomas, then sail over to St. Croix to pick up a few more things. The plan is to spend a week or so in the Virgin Islands scuba diving before setting out for Florida. We are going to do the voyage in a fairly relaxed manner and not worry about a schedule. Therefore, my hope is that I will be able to catch an internet connection every 4-5 days to update our progress.

I used to think IH 35 in Austin was bad, at least I did until about half hour ago. We have been sitting here in a Baton Rouge, IH 12 traffic jam for, what seems like, forever. I sure wish there was a better way to head East out of Austin without having to go through this land of Huey P. Long, washboard highways, collapsing levees and, worst of all, hasslers of Willie. Poor guy, can't even ride his dang bus through this sorry ass state without some donut junkie busting him over a little pot. Next time I am tempted to come this way, I will ask myself, “What would Willie do?” Divert through Arkansas, maybe? Hmmmm, is that better?

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Anonymous said...

Hey, just wanted to say Happy Birthday tomorrow. Sorry you're having to drive in the rain. Hope you and Peggy have a safe trip. I'll be watching the blog. Love ya'll. Pam