Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oct. 30 - St. John's

Woke up this morning with rain coming through the port holes and hatch and hitting us in the face. Really not that huge of a problem – I simply pull the covers up over my face and make a few whining sounds until Peggy gets up and closes the openings ... no big deal.

A few rain showers every night seems to be about normal. Today, after coffee here in the marina, Bob and I took the life raft into town by taxi to be inspected while Gene and Peggy stowed gear on the boat. Although the life raft was out of date, we found out it would have worked anyway, had we needed it, since the inspection process involves inflation using the internal bottle. However, it will be reassuring to now know for sure it is up to date and ready to go.

Bob and I walked the couple of miles back to the marina then we all headed over to the local grocery store to buy food for the trip. We only bought about a weeks worth since we are staying here in the area to mess around for a few days. The plan is to re-provision in San Juan on the way to Florida. Besides, we will be making one more stop back in St. Thomas and one in St. Croix before leaving the Virgin Islands.

Got out of St. Thomas this afternoon around 3:00 PM and went straight to St. John's to do some snorkeling. Made it here in time to get in about an hour before dark. Now sitting on a mooring in a small cove at St. John's. We had dinner this evening at Peggy's Restaurant as you can see below.

The photo below is approaching St. John's. That is Gene sitting up there on the forward deck.

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Anonymous said...

The cool weather is in "The Grove", so we'll check the garden tomorrow and do some harvesting.
Wish Lucy and I were there, but Jan and Ron have been keeping us smiling.
Hope you have more pic and great tales for the winter in P.G.
Jim and Lucy
GO KINKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!