Monday, October 30, 2006

Oct. 29 - Preparing to Leave Dock

Here is a photo of our new home away from home for the next month or so. Her name is Sirena and she is a 45 foot Island Packet. Our plan is to leave the dock here some time tomorrow afternoon and go play for a few days before heading out for Florida.

Today, our first full day on board, was a fairly busy one. After breakfast in the marina we went about moving supplies from Bob's other boat which is moored in the same marina. While Bob and Peggy selected items we might need for the trip, Gene and I used the dingy to ferry these items to Sirena at the dock.

This afternoon, while Peggy and Gene took a nap, Bob and I worked out a way to raise and stow the dingy on the forward deck of Sirena. We made up a sling and used the spare, main halyard to lift it out of the water and swing it into position. It worked easily and will be much better than towing that thing all the way to Florida.

Peggy ended up getting herself a little dehydrated yesterday and felt pretty bad. It is surprising how much water you have to drink down here in the humid air. Anyway, she has learned her lesson and is pouring it in.


Jo said...

Sirena looks lovely! Bon voyage :-)

Anonymous said...

I think you guys are having way toooooooo much fun. Gussy is here and she and Betty P. will be joining us tonight at out little Monday night get together. We will miss you guys on our casino trip this week end. Beesacareful, and tell Miss Peggy to keep drinking that water. Betty J.