Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Photo Posted

A few of the blog readers that know us well have asked why we have such an old photo of us posted on our profile to the left? The reason was that it was the most recent one we had of us together. It was only about a decade old! We have not changed in the last 10 years anyway. Ha! One has a little more hair and one a little less, that's all, and it's probably not the ones you think.

The problem has been taken care of now. As you can see I have posted a current photo of Peggy and I to our Profile in the left column. In fact, it was taken about 2:00 PM this afternoon.

I have not been posting for the last week or so because we have just been so busy. We sold our little travel trailer and bought a rather large 5th wheel with three slides. It has just been an ordeal getting this all done and, at the same time, getting ready to leave for the Carribean for six weeks. I will post more about that in a day or two. Briefly, Peggy and I, and a couple of friends are moving a sail boat from St. Croix to Tampa, FL. If you would like to follow the 1,800 mile sailing voyage online, just keep an eye on this blog. I will be giving a daily account and posting it every time I am able to catch an internet connection. More on this in a couple of days.


Jim said...

You growing your hair out again?! Must be living the hippie lifestyle...sailing a boat across the gulf and all. Man...I wanna go!

Have a safe trip and post lost of updates and pictures!

noproblema said...

Jim, I hope your spelling of "lots" was not a prediction!


Anonymous said...

This is Pete's old friend, Gary, have a great trip. I am wishing I was your age and the one doing it.