Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hitting the Road

Just wanted to let everyone know that Peggy and I are going to be away for a little while. May not be able to answer emails in our usual lighting fast manner. ;-) In fact, if you are sending something with a file attachment, it might be better just to hold those until we return in December so that the puny, little, anemic 100MB of storage Earthlink gives us does not overflow.

We are going to be spending the next 4-6 weeks moving a 45 foot Island Packet sailboat from St. Croix to it's new home port in Tampa, FL. If you would like to follow the 1800 mile voyage, just keep an eye on our blog at the link below. In fact, rather than email, why not let us hear from you through your comments left on the blog? Just clink on "comments" at the end of each post and leave your message. I have it set up to accept anonymous posting, so, if you don't have a blogger account, you don't even have to sign in. Just be sure and leave your first name so we know who it's from.

We are leaving first thing in the morning, but will not be on the boat until Saturday night. We will keep a daily account of the voyage but, will only be able to post it to the blog whenever I can get an internet connection. If you are following our progress, we should be back in Austin about two days after reaching Tampa. I know from experience, it gets a little lonesome out there on the ocean so we would love to hear from you and will try to post lots of photos.

We are driving to Biloxi, MS in the morning to spend a couple of days with the kids and will fly out of there for St. Croix on Saturday. The truck is loaded and ready to go! We are excited about going, but are sad about the way we are going to miss all our friends here in Austin, a group that has grown considerably since moving downtown to Pecan Grove.


Tom said...

Lloyd, You guys be careful out there. I remember how dangerous your last sea adventure was. Take plenty of those Big Mac's from McDonnald's and hope the wind blows your way. Tom

noproblema said...

I am amazed you remembered, after all these years, how badly I started missing a Big Mac after 36 days at sea. I wonder what they put in those things to make them so addictive?


Anonymous said...

We'll miss you guys, Survivor hasn't been the same this season. Post pictures so we can vacation vitually with y'all. Stay safe and we'll have to create special Jello Shots for your return. Carol and Scott

Hilbert said...

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