Thursday, September 28, 2006

Let's Clear the Air

Last Saturday we went up to Dallas to attend the wedding of my cousin's daughter. It was a great time and was very nice to get to see everyone and to visit for several hours. Wish we could get together like that more often.

The reason for this post has nothing to do with the wedding, and I hope this does not spiral into a full blown rant but, to be honest, it might. After the wedding was over, it was still early, about 10:30 PM. Peggy and I decided to go over to the Cowboy's Nightclub in Arlington to dance for a few hours. Drove about 20 miles to get there, paid the $14 cover charge to get in, stayed 20 minutes and left. Why did we leave, because of the foul air from all the smoking! By the time we got out our throats were scratchy and our eyes were burning.

With the medical knowledge available today, everyone knows smoking kills and most have sense enough not to do it. In fact, millions have given up smoking all together, and GOOD FOR YOU! The very act of smoking puts you at the same risk of dying as someone who has already suffered one heart attack or someone who already suffers from diabetes. Second hand smoke is just as dangerous as smoking yourself so, how can you possibly justify exposing the rest of us then claim it is "your right!"

Those who do not have this addiction have no idea how great it is to live in a city that does not allow smoking in public places. In the twenty minutes we spent at Cowboy's I witnessed two smokers flick a lit cigarette onto the carpeted floor and not even bother to step on it. Something like this is way beyond rude and, at that point, becomes just plain anti-social behavior. Why would someone do that?

If you live in a city that still allows smoking in public, try coming to Austin for a weekend of clubbing and see for yourself how great it is to be able to take a clean breath of air inside a bar or nightclub. Banning smoking in public is a trend that is gaining traction and will eventually work it's way across the US. Until then, demand that your city councils represent the majority of citizens. If you do not smoke, you are in the majority. Use that position to implement change.

I think I managed to stay calm and not turn this into a rant, didn't I? Serenity Now!

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