Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Kid in the Mud

Our youngest grand daughter, Robin is here today. Here she is "helping" Grandma plant something in the yard. Of course, it had to be throughly watered and then, the fun really starts.

Robin, is Art and Cindy's daughter, who live in Mississippi. They are here for a few days because Cindy's brother was having some very serious surgery. However, it had an unexpectedly positive outcome. He had a large, 20cm tumor, in his upper abdomine which everyone was sure was going to be cancer. Well, the surgery to remove it went very well and the tests on the tumor, just today, confirmed that it was not cancerous and would not cause him any more problems. We are all very relieved about that.

We were sure glad for the opportunity to see the kids and be able to keep Robin for a few days although, we wish it had been under other circumstances. She has now been throughly hosed off by Grandma and I see the two of them outside washing the car as I write. They are now on pavement so there is no more mud for Robin to roll in.

I think they will all be heading back to Mississippi in just a few days so, I don't know when we will get to see them again. Maybe in November, when we head down to Florida. We are planning on driving to Florida, then flying to St. Croix to help ferry a sail boat from St. Croix to Miami.

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Anonymous said...

That lil ole kid is sure cute, I know Grandma wasn't glad to see her at all. Hey I waved at you guys at the post office today but I didn't see you wave back. Remember next Friday night is C&W dance club. and a BIG HAPPY "B"DAY TO MISS PEGGY ON MONDAY.