Sunday, September 17, 2006

ACL Weekend

This is a huge weekend in Austin with the Austin City Limits Music Festival going on. This will be the fifth year for the festival. I suppose every hotel room in Austin is booked this weekend. As I sit here in our RV looking out at Barton Springs Road I see a steady procession of music fans walking toward Zilker Park. Later tonight, after the show, that will turn into a full blown mob moving the other way away from Zilker.

Construction for the event has been going on in Zilker Park for the last two weeks. The entire park has been fenced, 8 stages have been built, and all the temporary buildings and tents have been put up. They sell 65,000 tickets each night for the show and, I would guess, another 65,000 set up outside the fence to listen. There will be over 130 bands performing. Last night, one of the big events was Willie and tonight will be Tom Petty.

I wanted to take some photos but, you just can not do justice to that large a crowd with a camera. I was pretty impressed with the bicycle racks, so I took this shot and was able to get in possibly 1/4 of the bikes parked at the show. Most folks are riding the bus in or walking.

Now, if you have lived in Austin for a while, here is a guy that requires no introduction at all. But, for those that have not had the pleasure, meet Leslie. For as long as I can remember, Leslie has been a fixture in the downtown area. He stopped by the trailer today to get some water, on his way down to the show and was good enough to pose for a few photos. Some were a little to graphic for this site and, no way was I about to publish the one he dedicated to me. Yikes! In case you can't tell in the photo that is Tweety hanging from the band of his thong.

Just keeping it weird.

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