Monday, August 21, 2006

Where is the Outrage?

I didn't start this blog to do a lot of ranting but, I think I am entitled to one every so often, so here goes. If you are one of the few still clinging to the belief that the war in Iraq has something to do with the war on terrorism, then this rant is for you. If you know better but, are not saying anything about it, then this rant is for you too. The vast majority of thinking people in the world know full well, that the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld, Axis of Evil, took this country to war under false pretenses. Everyone, at least privately, knows they manipulated the intelligence to exaggerate the threat and, by so doing, have killed over 2,500 America boys and girls, given life altering injuries to over 15,000 American boys and girls, and killed or injured hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. They have destroyed our standing with the rest of the civilized world and put this country in debt hole that it will take decades to climb out of.

Are you outraged by this? If so, then show it! Begin expressing your outrage, talk to your friends and family, encourage them to express their outrage. Not long ago a former President was impeached because he couldn't keep his pants zipped and didn't want to admit that fact to the entire planet. Now, I was no particular fan of that president but, tell me, where is the equity? If you resent warrant less wiretapping of your phone calls and emails, then shout your outrage from the rooftops! If you resent being told you are unpatriotic if you don't support Shrub's phony war in Iraq, then say something about it. If you resent being subjected to Orwellian laws such as the “Patriot Act”, then make yourself heard. You may have a bigger voice than you think. Talk to everyone you know and encourage them to do the same. Start a blog and see to it that it gets passed around and linked to. Do what you can to put a stop to these abuses. If enough finally say, "I have had enough" we can throw the smirking little draft dodger who started all this out of office. Actually, that is probably just wishful thinking with a GOP controlled congress but, that is an issue for another rant.

I promise, something lighter in a few days! : - )

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coldsneak said...

Out and About
My concern is not the bleep we have now, but what kind of bleep is going to replace him. I am pretty much of the belief that every other candidate I have looked at is as bad or worse. I am terrified that "wass her name" Hillery will win the next one. (Shudder)