Friday, August 11, 2006

What a way to start a day!

How long has it been since you had one of those days when you think you just should have stayed in bed? Mine started at the crack of 10:00 AM this morning; my latest did, anyway. I should have gotten back in bed, and I would have, if it was not already getting close to lunch time.

First thing, I walk over and open the cabinet to retrieve the coffee to get our morning wakeup going and the coffee can comes flying out of the cabinet and hits me right in the forehead. It kind of pissed me off but, I was over it in five seconds. After all it didn't even hit me with the sharp edge and the lid somehow stayed on as it continued on down to bounce around on the floor.

Now I have the coffee going and get ready to have my cereal. My bowl is missing! My inquiry sets me back some when I get the reply, “It was cracked and I threw it away, just get you another one.” Some people might ask, at this point, what's the big deal? Well, people that have to ask a stupid question like that probably don't have a favorite shirt that has been worn so thin that it is nearly impossible to put on without ripping. They probably don't get new underwear when their wife slips out of bed in the middle of the night to throw the old ones away and replace them in the drawer with new ones. They have never mourned the replacement of a perfectly good tooth brush that still had half it's bristles. If these things sound weird to you, then you can probably eat cereal out of any old bowl. I, however, want to eat my cereal out of the same bowl from which I always eat cereal. And I can't help it! OF COURSE, this is sick, you know it, I know it, we all know it, but, it is not going to change in this lifetime.

OK, I have a new cereal bowl now and am still cautiously progressing further into the day. I open another cabinet to get my cereal and I swear, I am not making this up, it comes flying out and hits me right square in the forehead, right in the same spot the coffee can did. No harm done, it's just a box of cereal, it didn't even spill but, this day is not starting off right, at all!

I walk over to the refrigerator to get the milk. If I had been paying attention, I would have probably heard the music from “Jaws” playing on my way over. I reach in and pick up the milk and it slips out of my hand as if I was not even holding it. I honestly do not believe I have simply dropped something in 25 years. But, this morning a half gallon of milk hit the floor and, yes, the lid came off and that jug laid there going glug, glug, glug on the floor while I starred in disbelief. At this point, I really did think I should just get back in bed and curl up in the fetal position.

All that happened within the course of five minutes this morning. Fortunately, the milk incident was the low point of the day. Right after my coffee I went out and had a nice run and, although I was a little worried I might get run over by a car or have a tree fall on me, it went well.


Anonymous said...

Some days are just worse than others. I see you recovered very fast and I bet after tonight at the Dallas club you won't even remember that you have a new cereal bowl or the trama that occured when the milk spilled or the coffee and cereal box whacking you on the noggin. Where was Peggy?
Don't forget cw dance club Friday night. See you guys there and be careful in between now and then.
Betty J

coldsneak said...

You are so lucky. Only one day? I have had entire weeks, months, years like that. Can I go back to bed now...?
Oops the wife calls.. I guess not, eh?