Sunday, July 23, 2006

Still settling in

We are still trying to adjust to having stuff at two different locations - here at Pecan Grove in downtown Austin and out at our place in Lago Vista. Already, this morning, there have been at least three times I have wanted something that was 30 miles from here.

We left here last Friday for the monthly dance in Lago Vista that evening. Had a great time dancing and visiting with all the Lago Vista folks. We sat with Bill and Jean Dunham and a couple from Georgetown who's names now escape me.

Back downtown and getting to know the neighbors this Sunday morning. If you want someone to talk to, you only have to stand around outside for a couple of minutes and you will be invited to visit for awhile.

Photos are coming soon, we promise! In fact, we would have some posted here now except that is one of the things I mentioned earlier that is 30 miles away - batteries for the camera. Wanted to take some photos of our walking route, and will do so, as soon as I retrieve the batteries.

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