Thursday, July 20, 2006

Our New Home

Today is our first full day at our new residence in downtown Austin, Texas. We have been on the waiting list for a space in the Pecan Grove RV Park for the last four months. It is very difficult to get in here as it only has about 90 spaces and, as far as I am concerned, the best location of any RV park in the world. And, it is such a deal and is managed by just the nicest people in the world! Our $320 per month gets us a space including water, electric, and a good high speed connection - woo hoo!

We have been wanting to get a spot here soooooooo badly! I don't know if it helped or not but, over the last four months we have stopped by to inquire in person about once a week. Naturally, we used our secret weapon (Peggy) to do be our goodwill ambassador - who can say no to her? I have learned over the last quarter century the answer to that is "nobody."

Now, here we are! Right in the middle of the self proclaimed Live Music Capitol of the World. Everything we like to do is within walking distance - live music venues are all around, Zilker Park is a couple of blocks from here with its free Blues on the Green concerts, dozens of restaurants and coffee shops within a couple of blocks, and all punctuated with the most eclectic bunch of characters you could ever hope to meet. The area is a magnet for old hippies, college students, liberal thinkers and, shall we say, the alternative lifestyle.

We spent the day straightening up the place and going over to buy groceries. Whole Foods Market is just up the street and is always a fun place to shop. I believe we are supposed to meet a friend this afternoon for happy hour at Shady Grove.

Tomorrow, we are going to take our truck back out to our place in Lago Vista and exchange it for the Beetle. It will take up a lot less parking space on our small lot and, of course, use a lot less fuel. We feel a little self-conscious anyway, driving around in a full size four wheel drive in this part of town. We may still be in Texas but, there is very little evidence of that here.


gary said...

Sounds like you are in Hippie heaven.

You missed a great movie, an oldie, Hackers. It has a real young Angilina Jolie in it. It is real funny, I have watched it many times. Another funny on is Born In East LA, with Chech Marin, it was filmed on the border south of us. G

noproblema said...

I did see Born in East LA and it was a great one. Actually, Peggy and I were in the video business back in the 80's and, if memory serves, had that one in our stores.

Tommy said...

Lloyd, Sounds like you have found a great place to live. I hope to visit you ad Peggy after we get settled later this year. Tom

Anonymous said...

Hey you two!! Thanks for keeping us on your mail list.

I'll be taking you up on your offer of people watching and 'ritas as soon as time permits.

I'm on the road delivering a Bearhawk to OSH right now while Beth keeps an eye on the restaurants.

I'll be back around Monday but then leave for a race in Hallet, OK on Friday. We'll get early Monday a.m. then I immediately hit the road again to pick up the OSH kit for a delivery in Saginaw, MI. Then, it's off to Seattle, WA (Lake Stevens acutally) to deliver another kit before stopping in Newport, OR to drop off some fuel tanks. The final leg home should have me home in about 3 weeks.

See you soon.


coldsneak said...

Hola family-onna-go
Just about the time I get used to driving to one place to visit, yawl move. Oh well, each to his/her own. Good luck in your new digs. At least now you have an excuse for all that walking. Give me a Harley any day. Ennyways my more-intelligent-better-looking-half is doing some better, the doctor is hopeful that the phys-ed will take care of the problem.
Keep your powder dry and the insecticide off of the beetle.

fairygirl said...

Geez.....alla time onna go-go. Do you guys actually SIT?? Gonna take you up on the 'ritas, sos I can see with mine own eyes P & L a-sittin' onna bts. Lessee, need to remember the camera!
Gary has it right. Hippie Heaven, wine & 'ritas, put on Ozark Mountain Daredevils an' kick back....aaaaahhh!

Anonymous said...

It was so nice to see you guys Friday night, but I sure didn't recognize Miss Peggy right away either, and I can't tell you how long I have known these folks, just get used to one thing I guess.
We expect different stuff from Lloyd.
Thanks Peggy for the dancing shoes, I sure did sparkle and I loved it and I think everyone else did to and if they didn't who gives a s--- hoot. Also for the evening bag I needed that too. I love friends like you .
We will have to get together one of these evenings for dinner again, when every one settles down.
Hope to see you soon.
Betty J.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lloyd and Peggy,
I love this web site. It is good to be able to see where you live and it sounds to me like your life together is wonderful. You said something about having a bug!!!!! Not only do we have the same last name but the same kind of car----and I love mine,don't think I want another kind. You are in Hippie heaven with hippie car----and a ponytail "that is great" You and Peggy are a very special couple and I love you both.
I will be checking this out and seeing what is going on with yall off and on.
Take care!!!

Barbara Jeane Woodlock Morris